Immersive Technologies in Education

Immersive Technologies in Education

A collection of materials based on the results of the 3rd International scientific and practical conference with international participation "Immersive technologies in education" has been published.

The collection includes materials of presentations that were featured at the scientific and practical conference "Immersive Technologies in Education." The presentations delve into scientific and methodological aspects of the digitization of society and education, defining the essence and innovativeness of immersive technologies for educational development at all levels. They explore the aspects of using virtual and augmented reality in the educational practices of educators. Special attention is directed towards the modeling, designing, and utilization of educational environments through virtual and augmented reality technologies, along with an examination of the impact of virtual reality environments on the health, behavior, and cognitive activities of students. The presented materials can be utilized by scientists, educational and pedagogical professionals, graduate and doctoral students, as well as teachers in general education institutions.

You can download the collection of materials at the link:

Анонси та оголошення

Master class "Artificial intelligence - replenishing the digital toolbox of a modern teacher"

On April 25, 2024, the master class "Artificial intelligence - replenishing the digital toolbox of the modern teacher"


Dear scientists, teachers, doctorate students, students!

The conference committee invites you to present your reports, actively participate in discussions, and exhibit your own software, electronic, and information resources within the ITE-2024, which will be held on April 30, 2024.

Our purpose is to develop theoretical foundations and exchange practical experience of using immersive technologies in the educational process of educational institutions of different levels.

International Scientific and Practical Conference «Current aspects of the development of STEAM education in the conditions of European integration»

We invite you to take part in the IІ International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference «Current aspects of the development of STEAM education in the conditions of European integration», which will be held on April 26, 2024, at the Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs, Kropyvnytskyi in an online format.

The mission of the conference: discussion of topical issues of the implementation of STEAM technologies in the educational process of educational institutions of various levels and profiles.

Receiving articles by 10.04.2024

Working languages of the conference: Ukrainian, English and Polish. 

The National Research Fund of Ukraine Competitions

In December 2023, the Scientific Council of NRFU approved the terms of the competitions: "Research Infrastructures for Conducting Advanced Scientific Research", "Science for Strengthening the Defense Capability of Ukraine", "Advanced Science in Ukraine".
Project selection begins. The winners will receive grant support for conducting fundamental and practical scientific research for development of the national research space and its integration into the world research space.

3rd Workshop on Digital Transformation of Education (ICTERI 2024)

The Institute for Digitalisation of Education of NAES of Ukraine invites you to participate in the third English-language workshop on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF EDUCATION (DigiTransfEd 2024). The seminar is peer-reviewed and will be held in a hybrid format on 09/23/2024 as part of ICTERI 2024.
The theme of DigiTransfEd 2024 is related to the ICTERI 2024 Track 3: ICT Applications in Academia & Industry: ICT solutions for competence design and development / ICT development to support technology-enhanced teaching and learning, including life-long learning / ICT solutions for quality assurance in education and education management / Novel ICT infrastructures, tools, and environments for research, cooperation, and knowledge transfer.
The deadline for submission of papers is 07/29/2024.

The best papers of last year's DigiTransfEd 2023 are indexed in Scopus: