Models of the open education organizational systems

Models of the open education organizational systems
Open education today is a modern trend. Dear colleagues, we bring to your attention the scientific work of academician of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine Valery Bykov. The bases of modeling of the open education organizational systems theory of design are expounded from systemic positions in the monograph. On the basis of analysis of modem approaches and instruments of education system development and the theoretical and methodological tools of system description as well as research of organizational system, the models of the open education organizational systems are designed, the features of their structure, designing, realization and introduction are analysed. The models of experimental research of the objects and processes in education, results of the application of such systems for experimental research of the offered models and possible ways of using these results in educational practice are also considered. A book is dedicated to scholars, education managers, university teachers and students, in-service teacher training system, post-graduate students, for all those who are interested in prospective tendencies of educational systems development, modem approaches to their research and application.

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